Analysis and expert texts

About the project


Strategic Points™ Approach Group is an expert group dedicated to supporting Clients whose focus is on a consistent and sustainable image, both personal and corporate. The group works with Clients on a long-term basis, systematically providing them with both updated decision-making resources and the tools to implement the choices.


Strategic Points™ is a defined process of analysis, synthesis and reasoning, which is based on unique tools and expert knowledge providing clients with a quality of management information that is expected yet rarely found in the market. 


The Strategic Points™ Approach Group is formed by experts in the fields of:

  •  strategic management
  • strategic communication
  • image management
  • crisis management and crisis communication
  • energy and raw materials
  • international policy 
We inspire, provide support, and manage. offer

We inspire: We help managers and organizations build strategies in the right way, respond to the dynamics of the changing environment and prepare for unpredictable events in the future. We provide advice, suggestions and reviews. 

We provide support: we share knowledge and skills, as well as build competence. We provide training, workshops and expert presentations tailored to the needs of the Client. 

We manage: Our experts implement measures developed jointly with the Client.